On the night of our 4th Anniversary, that was friday night, my honey and I decided to eat at Zark’s Burger La Salle Taft. It was our first choice, actually. We cannot think of a better place to celebrate our 4th anniversary than to celebrate at Zark’s. And gladly, Zark’s never failed to give us an awesome dinner date. We got an awesome experience because of their greasiest and deadliest burgers in town. Lupet!


Before, I am not really a big fan of burgers. But when I tried Zark’s Burger for the first time, it gave me more excitements and interests on eating burgers. Yes, really! I am telling the truth.

Bago pa man kami makapasok at makaupo sa loob, isang mahabang pila for the reservation of the seats ang naabutan namin ng honey ko sa harap ng Zark’s. Hindi rin nag tagal, nakaupo narin kami. But while still waiting for the availability of our seats, we got a chance to think of what we will order and eat. Sa pag pili, hindi na kami nahirapan. In fact, prior that day, we’ve searched over the internet their best sellers and very famous menu they have. Nakita na rin namin ang kanilang menu and other information sa kanilang FB Page. Marami narin namang blogs about Zark’s Burger kaming nakita. Kaya’t madali nalang kaming nakapag-decide. Thanks to all of them. And then, we finally decided on our picks.

IMG_8725_Zarks_Zarks     IMG_8724_Zarks_Zarks

Our picks are:


Triple cheeseburger with Spam, bacon and overflowing cheese sauce on top! Php 250.00

Deep Fried Burger

Deep fried mushroom cheeseburger with a choice of sauce on the side! This should be on your top 10 foods-to-eat-before-you-die-list. ½ pound. Php 185.00

While still waiting for our greasiest and deadliest burgers, we took time to take pictures. Ang purpose nito ay para makita namin ang aming itsura pag gutom. We are really starving to death. No kidding!  Habang naghihintay din kami, it was also the best time to appreciate the place. If you will be observant on the place, you will notice that, I think, the owners are very inspired by sports. Mostly, basketball yung theme.

IMG_8735_Zarks_Zarks     IMG_8737_Zarks_Zarks


Hindi rin nagtagal, dumating na ang inorder naming Jawbreaker and Deep Fried Burger. The ice-tea and fries are served as well. These are included on the meal.

Deep Fried Burger, my honey's pick
Deep Fried Burger, my honey’s pick
Their very famous Jawbreaker
Their very famous Jawbreaker


Damn! It’s sooo big! Sa sobrang taas at laki, ni hindi na naming alam kung anong unang part ng burger ang kakainin. Teka paano nga ba kainin ito? Hindi yata namin nasearch sa net ito at napaghandaan.

IMG_8744_Zarks_Zarks     IMG_8740_Zarks_Zarks

The truth is: I have nothing to say. I’ve never tasted a huge and flavorful burger like this before. It’s a must-try. You should try it too. Sa totoo lang, habang ginagawa ko itong blog na ito, parang gusto ko na ulit bumalik sa Zark’s Burger para kumain ulit nito. Mouthwatering.

And when I asked my honey about the Deep Fried Burger she ordered, she told me that it tasted better than Jawbreaker. Hindi na ako nakipagtalo kasi natikman ko rin naman ang Deep Fried Burger niya, and it’s definitely one of the best meals nila. It’s literally a Deep Fried Cheese Burger. And If I’m not mistaken, this is the greasiest burger among all the burgers that they offer.

IMG_8756_Zarks_Zarks     IMG_8753_Zarks_Zarks

The next time we visit at Zark’s, we will definitely try their most expensive and deadliest meal, The Tombstone. It is a two-pound cheeseburger and covered with cheese sauce and served with 300 grams of fries. The name itself says it all. Our overall experience was awesome. Their meals were very affordable and mouthwatering.

Last picture of the night.

That’s it! We will definitely get back here soon! And invite some friends to try it too.

If you also have thoughts about Zark’s Burger. Don’t be shy to share it with me. Just comment it below. Thank you folks! ’til next time. 🙂

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