“Concentrate on what you are doing – you can’t affect your opponent’s score, only your own”

Date: December 28, 2016

Location: Gandiva Archery Range and Cafe

Today, Archery is one of the fastest growing sport activities. It grows in popularity from the popular movie and TV characters like Hawkeye, Katniss Everdeen, Green Arrow, Merida, Legolas, and Robin Hood. They all have the finest archery skills. And being one of the big fans of them, we definitely want to try how to be as skillful as them in archery. Reserving slots at the Gandiva Archery Range and Cafe is our first step. We made a reservation one day before. Cool. We are all set now. What we must do is to arrive 15 minutes before our reservation time as per our contact on their facebook account.


We came in the place 30 minutes before our reservation time. Yes! Here we are now, we are very excited and giddy to learn the sports of Archery. We arrived earlier than what they expected us to be. It’s a  good thing so we can spectate and study from the currently playing archers. And also, this is the best time to observe the whole place. The area is fair enough to accommodate 8 – 10 archers. Bows and arrows are properly placed on its bow racks and arrow quiver.


While waiting for our turn, we strolled around the cafe area. This is a vegetarian cafe. Price range is from Php145.00 – Php500.00.  Unfortunately, it was already closed after we finished the 1-hour archery session. So, we will try to dine here some other time.


We were asked to fill up first the indemnity form before we can start to play.


As we started, we were asked if we were left-handed or right-handed. This may change the position  of the gears and  equipment. We were assisted by Mr. Marlon on the proper use of the arm guards and quiver. Since, it’s my first time and Madj still need to refresh her memory back when she was a high school student and archery is one of her favorite sports, we really do not know the use of this things until today. The arm guard is used to protect the inside of our forearm when the arrow is being shot and quiver is a case to hold our arrows.

Here are our arm guards. Madj and I are right-handed. Therefore, arm guards will be placed on our left hands

A 1-hour session consists of bow and arrow rental, instructor, and 1 target paper. So for novice archers like us, we should not worry because there will be attentive staff that will teach us until we learn the proper pose, the correct way to hold the bow, release the arrow, and retrieve the bow  as well as  the other techniques and tricks.

After we’ve worn all the gears, we were given 1 bow and 6 arrows. We are about to learn the basics. We were taught patiently again by Mr. Marlon until we learned everything  that we need to know. Things like these, we must be very attentive and we must get focused. We’re very  glad that it’s easier than we’ve expected.

We were only given 6 arrows for our 1-hour session.

Time to show off what we’ve got. We’re very excited to shoot our first arrows now.

“Ready. Aim. Shoot.”



At first try, I hit the yellow mark. This is so cool! Not bad  for my first arrow. Our first few tries were quite hard and bad. so, we keep on practicing and applying  the things that we’ve  learned from our instructor.

Moving forward to our third set.

Here’s my target paper on the third set.
My mandatory selfie after hitting the bull’s eye.

“Want discipline?  You have to get focused. You’ll not hit the bull’s eye if you are aiming  on multiple targets” 

After few more sets, Madj is on her target now.

It’s Madj’s second 10 points
Madj’s mandatory selfie after hitting the yellow mark.

Oh! We were reminded by one of the staff that we only have two more sets to go. We were currently enjoying this kind of sport that we almost forgot that it’s almost time. A 1-hour session is fair enough to learn, fully enjoy and be an archer.

So now, we will make the most out of our remaining time. We are down to our last set.

Who do you think got the most number of points? Left target paper is Madj’s and right target paper is mine.

This was our last set so we better have our last selfie with the target papers with the arrows.

Here’s to sum up our hits.

Yeah!!! We did it honey! Congratulations to us!

Feels good now. Congratulations to us! Aside from the bruises that we’ve got, these target papers may be served as our remembrance from our first archery experience at Gandiva Archery Range and Cafe. We will definitely keep these target papers and be sure to get back here again.

“Don’t aim for success if you want it. Just do what you love and believe in, and it will come naturally.” – David Frost


We had so much fun and it’s really been a great experience to learn Archery for the first time and we really love to do it again and again. Thank you to our instructors and the guides for patiently teaching us until we were able to do it on our own. We will definitely get back here pretty soon.

That’s it folks. Till our next adventure. Thank you!

Gandiva Archery Range and Cafe Operating Hours :

  • Mon – Sat : 10am-9pm
  • Sun : 10am – 7pm

Gandiva Archery Range and Cafe Expenses :

1-Hour Session Holiday Promo (Good for 2 persons) : Php680.00 

For more inquiries:

Gandiva Archery Range and Cafe
7F, One Corporate Center, Ortigas Center, Pasig City
for booking s and reservations, call 638-8771 (Archery), 6384549 (Cafe)
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