Date: November 21, 2017

Location: Eat Bulaga Broadway Centrum, Quezon City

“Wishes do come true if you only believe”

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Eat Bulaga Live Experience

It was our first time to become part of the jolliest and liveliest studio audience of the longest running noontime show in the Philippines, Eat Bulaga. On November 21, 2017, our long-time wish came true. With the help of Ate Vanessa, who reserved seats last year, we got a chance to watch Eat Bulaga Live in Broadway.

Let me share with you our experience.

The Broadway Studio

Eat Bulaga Live Experience

We definitely won’t forget the laughter and happiness we gained from this experience. We laughed so hard; we danced to the beat of Eat Bulaga songs and finally, saw our favorite idols in person. Though, we didn’t see Maine Mendoza personally that day (*whispering* this was really the main reason why we planned to watch Eat Bulaga. To see Aldub Loveteam *smiley face*– Alden and Yayadub aka Maine Mendoza in person), we still got a chance to see Alden Richards in person. It was not our first time to see Alden Richards because we’ve seen him once when they had a mall tour last year (May 1, 2016) for Bingo in Glorietta Mall.

Quick Trivia: Madj is one of the super fans of Alden and Maine Mendoza (Aldub Loveteam). So, to fulfill her long-time wish, to finally see Aldub in person, we planned to be part of the studio audience and watch Eat Bulaga Live in Broadway!

Sa pag-ibig, walang malalim na dagat. Sa pag-ibig walang malayong landas.

Eat Bulaga Live Experience

Eat Bulaga Live Experience

Snapshots outside the The Eat Bulaga Broadway Studio

Eat Bulaga Live Experience

Eat Bulaga Live Experience

Eat Bulaga Live Experience

Eat Bulaga Live Experience

Rules and Guidelines for the Audience

Eat Bulaga Live Experience

Stamp Pass

Upon entering the studio, we got stamped on our right hands as we entered the East Side Theater of Eat Bulaga.

We were a bit surprised that the studio was not that huge, and the seats for studio audience were not as big as what we expected. The east side theater can accommodate 400 studio audience.

Eat Bulaga has special gift / souvenir to all the studio audience — The SOS Souvenir Kit. This will be used in case of an emergency and unexpected occurrence most especially for the senior citizens who have been part of the studio audience.

Eat Bulaga Live Experience

SOS Souvenir Kit! Thanks Eat Bulaga.

While waiting for the show to go Live!, we practiced the dance steps for the Trip Ubusan Segment and Eat Bulaga Theme Song, newest dance craze from Baste’s Single, Bastelicious, got our studio audience numbers ready, filled out a form for the Give Love on Christmas Day Segment, which Eat Bulaga will grant two special wishes from the lucky studio audience, and lastly, we laughed out loud with the jokes from the two comedians (Sorry, we forgot to remember their names.)

We took our lunch for a few minutes. We didn’t have time to pack our lunch so we only bought outside the studio. Shawarma and siomai for lunch. Kain!

Eat Bulaga Live Experience

Eat Bulaga Live Experience

Eat Bulaga Program Proper

Time to watch it Live!

Eat Bulaga Live Experience

We’re ready!

Eat Bulaga Live Experience

Eat Bulaga Live Experience

The That’s my Baes

Eat Bulaga Live Experience

Trip Ubusan Game with Pia, Ruby, That’s my Baes & EB Babes, (Batang bida sa Trip Ubusan)

Eat Bulaga Live Experience

Juan for All, All for Juan Segment with Broadway Studio Hosts: Alden, Allan K, Vic & Joey; Sugod Bahay Hosts: Maine & Jose

Eat Bulaga Live Experience

Jackpot en Poy Semi-Finals Segment with Guest Stars: Gary David, Ruffa Gutierrez, and Jett Pangan

Eat Bulaga Live Experience

Jackpot en Poy Semi-Finals Segment with Guest Stars: Giselle Sanchez, Ruffa Guttierez & Ciara Sotto

Eat Bulaga Live Experience

Jackpot en Poy Semi-Finals Segment with Guest Stars: Gary David, Ruffa Guttierez & Ciara Sotto

Eat Bulaga Live Experience

Jackpot en Poy Jackpot Round

Eat Bulaga Live Experience

Give Love on Christmas Day Segment

Thank you!

We would like to extend our sincere gratitude and appreciation to Ate Vanessa for giving us two slots that made this journey possible. Sa susunod ulit!

Eat Bulaga Live Experience

We would also like to thank Kuya Eric for giving extra effort to have a book signature from Alden to the newest book of Maine Mendoza, Yup I’m that Girl. Madj was overly happy and blessed about the book signature. May you continue to share your blessings to others.

Eat Bulaga Live Experience

Thank you Eat Bulaga for the memorable experience and happiness you’ve shared to us. This experience will always be remembered and I’m sure na mauulit pa ito. Till we meet again Dabarkads!

Eat Bulaga Live Experience

This has been a memorable experience to date and a day full of laughter, fun and unforgettable memories. Hopefully, when we visit Eat Bulaga again, we can finally have a Meet & Greet with Maine & Alden.

“It’s not enough to have lived. 
We should be determined to live for something.
May I suggest that it be creating joy for others, 
sharing what we have for the betterment of personkind, 
bringing hope to the lost and love to the lonely.” 
― Leo F. Buscaglia

We’re on National TV

Eat Bulaga November 21, 2017 Episodes


Trip Ubusan: See us clearly at 1:33s-1:34s! HAHAHA!

Video Courtesy of Eat Bulaga Youtube Account

Bonus Pictures

As we walked away from the Broadway studio, we had a chance to have a picture with Molly, one of the EB Babes. Hi Molly!

Eat Bulaga Live Experience

Eat Bulaga Live Experience

That’s it folks! Till our next adventure~!

Eat Bulaga Expenses

  • No Entrance Fee 
  • Food and Transportation Fees : Php 200.00 / person

Eat Bulaga Itinerary

  • 0830AM: ETA Eat Bulaga Broadway Centrum Audience Assembly Area
  • 1000AM: ETA Eat Bulaga Studio
  • 1100AM: Lunch
  • 1130AM: Start of Eat Bulaga Program
  • 0230PM: End of Eat Bulaga Program
  • 0300PM: ETD Eat Bulaga Broadway Centrum

Studio Booking & Reservation 

  1. Reservation and entrance is free of charge.
  2. Children below seven (7) years old are NOT ALLOWED to enter the studio unless they are contestants or participants of the show.
  3. Mobile phones, food and drinks are strictly prohibited in the studio premises and shall be surrendered to the security guards for safekeeping.
  4. All studio audience are required to bring at least one (1) valid ID for identification purposes.
  5. For further questions, please call 721-2222, 725-7100, 0927-7918828, 0949-6432631 and look for Tonette Aduna or Hyacinth Uri.

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2 replies on “We’re on TV: Our Eat Bulaga Experience

  1. Hi, nice read. Medyo naguluhan lang ako dito:

    ” 1000AM: ETA Eat Bulaga Studio
    1100AM: Lunch ”

    Pwede ka pa bang lumabas to eat after mong makapasok sa studio?

    and may seat number ba yung reservation or need mo maagang pumunta para maganda yung seat mo?

    Thank you!


    1. Hi Ms. Osan,

      Thanks for the inquiry!

      Yes, pwede ka lumabas to eat after mo makapasok sa studio, since meron talagang bilihan ng pagkain sa labas. Allowed ka to go outside the studio, if di pa po malapit mag start ng program.

      No seat number for reservation po nung pumunta po kami, free seating po sila, and yes, mas maraming benefit pag maaga ka, mas una ka sa harapan as long as kumpleto na po ung requirements po na need para makapasok po kayong grupo at mas marami ka pang time na mag-enjoy sa loob po ng studio.

      Hope it helps! Enjoy po sa panonood!



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